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June 16 is My Day

Judith, a young sixteen year old pupil from Okavango International School wrote this poem in commemoration of June 16th - Day of the African Child. It is touching and should be shared. To all other young people, be passionate about what you do, as you are tomorrow's leaders.

My dear African people; hear me out as an African child.
I'm proud to say with vital ability and stability
that this may seem like an informality.
But today I'm proud to say once again.
That June 16 is my day.

This may be painful, but it does happen.
Can you picture...
The abusive father that rapes his child.
The jealous mother that is cruel to her child.
The angry teacher that beats the hungry child.
The aggressive brother that discourages the child.
All of these things happen,
But what am I to do as an African child?

I would obviously be filled up with a lot of hate
I would always have to keep up with the pain
Like someone being beaten with a chain
And due to that it hinders me to gain...

Gain the prosperity
Gain the respect
And most of all
Gain the love that I had
And was taken away from me
As an African child.

The child that used to be filled with a lot of happiness
but now it's only a big heart of emptiness and loneliness
Either way it does not matter
Because I was born to overcome situations

I was born to become tough and strong
I was born to know the difference between right and wrong
I was born to become an African child
And as I have said, and am still saying
And will always be saying
I'm proud and free to say June 16 is my day.

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