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Chiredzi Can Sing

Written by Mohammad Asif   

Time and time Chiredzi has been known of producing exceptional, if not good, artists who would blow the whole country away.

In 2000 Kuligan & Kalabash dropped in the industry and took over the country with their famous hit 'Pukunyu' and then amazed the country again the following year with their hit song 'Sorry'.

After a while Sheppie Lee came into the industry and redeemed Chiredzi's pride with his single that topped the local chart, unfortunately he did not go that far.

Almost a decade now thinking who was going to redeem our pride; again we have possibilities. Libby Li is one of the names of the new comers vibing Chiredzi's music industry. Groups like Early Angels which is starting to flap its wings might take Chiredzi's name to a greater level since they have shared the same stage with Mercy Mutsvene, a prominent Gospel singer in Zimbabwe.

In the Hip-Hop industry we have names like Madson, D.Z, Flame-Banks, Queucy T, Yung K, etc., rocking the set in Chiredzi. And the latest news being that Yung K and D.Z are doing a mixtape together due this June and Flame-Banks' song 'Street Life' is being played in all clubs around. The beef between Madson and Yung K seems to have been resolved but no comments had been made yet.

If given a platform these musicians could take Chiredzi's music industry to a great height because all they are doing is following the steps of the greats of Chiredzi music, such as, Gospel Bag, Tags, Downtown Boys, Kuligan & Kalabash, the list goes on. Keep your eyes on them and you will see the production growing bigger.

Yours truly,

Mohammad Asif

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Last Updated on Thursday, 16 June 2011
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