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Better Schools Programme

Better Schools Program LogoGreat things are happening in terms of education for the peoples of Chiredzi and the South Eastern Lowveld. Everyone can benefit because, now more than ever, we must strive to continually learn so that we can understand things for ourselves and help teach others. Education is definitely a life-long habit.

For example, Chiredzi can seem distant from the technological age that is encompassing the rest of the world. In fact, people are sometimes shocked that something like EWAY Chiredzi even exists. But because technology moves so fast, we cannot be complacent. If the rest of the world is changing from petrol/diesel vehicles to hybrid (half fuel/half electric engines) with the goal of totally electric cars will your mechanic still be able to work? This is not future science fictionmass produced electric cars1 are already very common in some countries.

If your children have never experienced technology or don't understand how to harness and use these things, where will they work? For employers, technology means efficiencyfewer people doing the work of many. For employees, that translates to fewer jobsespecially if you're technologically challenged. Technology isn't just computers. Technology could be the mechanical harvesting2 and baling of crops such as cane or cotton. These things already exist.

The Better Schools Programme is an initiative from the Ministry of Education, Sport, Arts and Culture. The department for our region is dedicated to building fully equipped resource centres to improve the quality of education for all. This is more than just libraries. It is about training and exposure to information, to computers, to the internet and so much more.

The project started in 1993 to provide in-service training to teachers and headmasters with an emphasis on cluster based staff development. Today, the aim is to provide educational resource centres around the region to benefit teachers, students and the wider community. The objectives are to:

  • make available reading materials in various languages and levels.
  • provide appropriate teaching and learning materials for all.
  • supply resource materials and information on innovation, technology, new trends and developments.
  • display cultural and historical artifacts and relics.
  • produce pertinent information and organise activities where teachers and communities can discuss their concerns.
  • train teachers and headmasters by giving refresher courses.
  • offer a focal point for disseminating skills and ideas related to management, planning curriculum, teaching and learning methods.
  • help teachers become change agents in their communities.
  • provide teachers with duplicating, photocopying, typing and other administrative services.

This is a massive project that will benefit our community greatly. A lot of people are involved, from teachers, parents and children right through to businesses, community leaders, MPs, councillors and the donor community. Quotations indicate that our initial target is US$180 000 for the Chiredzi Resource Centre. We anticipate that in term one of 2011 we will raise US$50 000. So far we have found US$12 000.

More people need to be involved and we want your help, assistance and support. For the Chiredzi Centre we would like help with suitable land that is centrally located and easily accessible to all. But that is not all, help us by:

  • Raising awareness and interest in the project.
  • Sharing your ideas, your time and your skills.
  • Donating cash and helping with fund raising.
  • Providing gifts of books, equipment and stationary.
  • Giving assistance with building materials and construction.
  • Helping with transport vehicles and bikes.

Now that you've read this. Don't just sit theredo something.

Visit us at, Compensation House, 366 Mopani Road in Chiredzi or use the contact details below.

How Do I Get Involved?

Contact the District Education Officer on +263 (0)773 544012 or use the details below.

Better Schools Programme (Zimbabwe)
Ministry of Education, Sport, Arts and Culture
PO Box 181

Tel: 031-3253
Fax 031-3253

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

1 The Nissan Leaf is the world's first affordable, zero-emission car. This all-electric vehicle was launched in December 2010.
2 Modern cane harvest machinery is able to cut up to 100 tons per hour. A two-row cotton combine can replace the work of approximately 80 people.

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