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Faraiday Nighs

Written by Mohammad Asif   

Hello people, how are you today? Not bad I see. Well if it's a Monday I know you wish it was a Friday already, but why?

Over the years our fathers and our fathers' fathers also felt this way. They love Friday so much that they called it Faraiday meaning, 'happy day' and the trend still goes on from generation to generation. "What really happens on a Friday?", I asked.

"The week is done, no more school work, no more work work, it's time to relax and have fun on a weekend", they replied, but what they never told me was what happens on Friday nights.

It took me 18 more years to discover what really happens on a Friday night. So I decided to search for a Friday night that would beat them all and that got me here to Chiredzi were people enjoy their Friday nights to the extreme.

Last Friday I was at Labamba Sports Club were people of all ages come to enjoy themselves with ice cold drinks, beers and braai. I saw three types of people, ones who had come to drink, ones who had come to dance and those who were doing both. The music was loud and interestingly it would force you to dance even if you are the worst dancer in the world.

Sitting at the bar glancing at the dance floor, I would see boys and girls of the younger age, dancing their shoes offyou would wonder if they even have curfews.

I had a great time last Friday night, but, if you know a place that could be better than where I was, please let me know. First post your comment and invitation and you will see me this Friday as long as the place is in Chiredzi.

Have a great week and see you on Friday night.

Yours truly,

Mohammad Asif

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