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Rapid Health Diagnosis for Chiredzi

Taking BloodUntil now, Chiredzi had lacked comprehensive blood testing services—leading to serious delays in diagnosis and treatment. Today, Prentice Labs offers a complete testing service covering a wide range of body fluids and samples. With no more need for patients to travel to Bulawayo or Harare, your doctor will have test results within hours rather than days or weeks.

Mrs R. Mugwisi commented:

Early diagnosis and treatment of a health condition saves you time and medical charges. Delaying treatment generally gives rise to a more complicated condition that requires more difficult medical procedures, expensive therapy and a longer time to heal.

Located in Chiredzi, Prentice Labs is now the leader in supporting clinical diagnosis through quality, reliable and accurate test results. By providing the fastest possible turnaround time, Prentice Labs is facilitating improved healthcare for everyone.

Regular blood testing facilitates early detection and is one of the most important tools in preventing degenerative illnesses. Testing can help reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, liver conditions, anaemia and diabetes. It can also help catch conditions associated with hormone imbalances such as fatigue, memory impairment, bone loss, weight gain, depression and erectile dysfunction.

Prentice Labs is a multi-disciplinary diagnostic laboratory that is committed to total quality management. By subscribing to a quality assurance program, Prentice Labs ensures accurate results and with constant feedback, is always striving to improve the service.



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Last Updated on Sunday, 07 October 2012
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