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ShoppersThe Tannery in Chiredzi this past weekend hosted a hugely successful event showcasing the range of superior quality products available here in Chiredzi. Local representatives for Honey Jewellery, Angel Lifestyle, Sh'Zen Bodycare and the proudly Zimbabwean, Linen for Africa were there to showcase their extensive ranges.

Shoppers were engulfed in the exquisite scents of the Sh'Zen products, open mouthed at the elaborate pieces of Honey Jewellery and delighted by the complete Angel Lifestyle range. With such a variety of items on offer, trade was brisk and customers spoilt for choice.

Many people commented that, "in Chiredzi, we are not used to such good quality products" and that "usually there's no choice, so we all end up owning the same boring things". One delighted shopper commented that, "the people that missed this are going to be sooooo jealous — it was a whole new thing for Chiredzi. Just perfect. You could shop, eat and relax - even dance - just look at everything I bought."

See selected photos below.

Josephine Mubako representing Honey said:

The beauty of these product ranges, is that they are accompanied by extensive catalogues. If you want something, it can be ordered for you. Until now, we Chiredzi-ans have had to make do with the poor quality items at inflated prices or been forced to travel. Now, Guaranteed quality is available right here in Chiredzi.


Honey offers a wide range of styles and designs from classic to contemporary fashion for men, women and children:

  • Earrings, Necklaces and Pendants.
  • Rings, Brooches, Bracelets and Bangles.
  • Watches and Handbags.
  • Products always in-step with international trends.
  • Handmade by skilled craftsmen and carefully inspected at every step of the manufacturing process.

Contact the Chiredzi Honey Consultant



Sh'Zen offers high quality products that uses natural active ingredients and essential oils:

  • New Specials Each Month.
  • Face - Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise.
  • Hands - Smooth, Soft Hands and Strong Glossy Nails.
  • Feet - Smooth, Supple Heels and Relaxed, Healthy Feet.
  • Body, Hair & Sun - Cleansing, Rehydrating, Exfoliate and Destress.
  • Men - Cleanse, Shave, Sports and Hydration.

Contact the Chiredzi Sh'Zen Consultant



ANGEL Lifestyle offers exciting quality products at affordable prices:

  • Boutique Designer Wear
  • Shoes, Handbags and Perfume.
  • Accessories - Jewellery, Sunglasses and Belts.
  • Mens Fashion, Casual and Formal Ware.
  • Mens Shoes, Cologne, Watches and Jewellery.
  • Home - Bed Linen and Crockery.
  • Luggage, Duffelbags and Backpacks.
  • Girls, Boys and Infants.

Contact the Chiredzi Angel Consultant

Angel Lifestyle



Did You Miss This Exclusive Event?

A small selection of these exceptional quality products will be available from the Christmas Fair and Lions Car Boot Sale at Murray MacDougall School, Triangle on Saturday, 10th December 2011.

Alternatively, contact the Chiredzi distributors directly:

Honey Angel Lifestyle Sh'Zen

Don't miss out again!

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