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Murray MacDougall School Celebrates 50 Years

Celebrating 50 yearsMurray MacDougall School in Triangle celebrated it's 50 year anniversary this past Saturday (19th November 2011) with a very extravagant evening. Lana Pinto and her team transformed the school and nearby sports field into a spectacular venue.

The entertainment commenced with the school Marimba Band and the Choir giving exceptional performances. These were followed by a wonderful poem written by the current Head Girl.

The headmaster, Mr A Gibson, welcomed the various guests, parents and past pupils with a brief history of the school:

  • The school opened in 1961 with fourteen children. It was initially housed in MacDougall's old workshop/wagon shed.
  • With fifty-one children, the school moved to a newly built house on Stanley Cooke Road in 1962.
  • By the third term of 1962, the school moved to it's current location. These were built by Triangle Limited and staffed by the government.
  • In 1978 the company decided to make the school private.
  • Mr Gibson joined the new private school In 1979.
  • Today there are 263 children at Murray MacDougall School.

Marjorie, who had been Head Girl at the school 25 years previously, shared a few of her memories and gave a toast to the school. The official proceedings were closed with a vote of thanks by Mrs M Marisa. However, with plenty of refreshments and a live band, the celebration went on well into the early hours.

See the photos below.


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+1 #3 keith chisare 2014-06-19 17:04
well done murray macdougall i was in the class of 2010
+1 #2 Nyasha Mutembwa 2012-10-16 15:48
+1 #1 Rudo Gandanzara 2011-11-23 14:32
I missed out, i bet you all had a wonderful time. Congratulations Murray MacDougall School.I belonged to the class of 1993. Thanks to Lana and everybody who made that day a special one.
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