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Advertise on EWAY Chiredzi
Advertise on EWAY Chiredzi

Why List on EWAY Chiredzi?

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We all use local business services, but how do we find out about them?

EWAY Chiredzi is about networking and building community by promoting business locally. We do this by providing innovative services for the South Eastern Lowveld. Our primary product is the Online Business Directory.

Listing your business or service on the EWAY Chiredzi Business Directory has many advantages:

  • Search – Easily search online listings of suppliers, businesses, services and manufacturers.
  • Be known – Promote your own business by appearing in the Online Business Directory.
  • Be found – Potential customers can easily locate your business details.
  • Greater reach – Your details are available worldwide to everyone on the internet 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Increased opportunities – Increased awareness of your services can significantly increase your potential market.
  • Advertise – EWAY Chiredzi is the perfect place to promote yourself to a very specific target audience.
  • Simple – No technical hassles creating and maintaining your own web presence.
  • Cost effective – Setting up and maintaining your own website can be time consuming and expensive.
  • Efficient – You have the option of managing your own listing. Make all the changes you want online and at any time.
  • Build the economy – Build community by creating business opportunities and increasing your network of contacts.
  • Market research – Find the opportunities and niches that exist in the Lowveld.
  • Attract investment – Investors can identify local partners, check for the required infrastructure and identify services which are lacking.


You'll be surprised at the number of people who visit EWAY Chiredzi:

  • Local People – Searching for businesses such as yours.
  • Businesses – Searching for other businesses and suppliers.
  • Visitors – Planning business trips and vacations.
  • Investors – Looking for local partners or suppliers.
  • Returning Residents – Finding local businesses, business partners or suppliers.
  • Diaspora – Searching for local businesses or business partners.

Is your business missing from EWAY Chiredzi? Get a listing Today or contact us for more information.

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