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Advertise on EWAY Chiredzi
Advertise on EWAY Chiredzi

Banner Specifications

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To advertise on EWAY Chiredzi using banners just contact us. After understanding your needs and requirements, we will handle everything else. You can also place an advertisement on the 'Detail View' of your listing, (see 'Large Logo, Photo or Advert' option).

Alternatively, you can provide an existing banner from your own designer. We encourage all banners to adhere to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) standards and be of professional quality. We accept PNG, GIF, JPEG, JavaScript or Flash, and currently recommend the following banner ad sizes for the various positions:

Top Position
Type Dimentions (Pixels) Recommended Maximum Filesize
Leaderboard * 728×90 40KB
Full Banner 468×60 40KB

Right Position
Type Dimentions (Pixels) Recommended Maximum Filesize
Vertical Banner * 120×240 30KB
Button 1 120×90 20KB
Button 2 120×60 20KB

* Recommended banner size for this location

We do not accept banners with sound or those that expand beyond the specified dimensions.

Please contact us to discuss any of your advertising requirements.

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